Highlights of our exhibition:
“A Perspective on Vietnamese Art”
in NUSS 7 Oct 2011

The unique identity of Vietnamese art has been shaped by the rich
history of its people. French artistic and intellectual movements and the establishment of European style Fine Arts academies heavily influenced the
development of art in Vietnam. This combination of European influences with traditional Vietnamese techniques of silk and lacquer painting resulted in a distinctive blend of eastern and western styles and materials. Vietnamese art today shows originality that combines strong national identity while still acknowledging European traditions.

The twelve Vietnamese artists we are presenting reveal, through their works, their love for Vietnam, their emotions and sensibilities in their landscapes, scenes of everyday life, bold portraits and expressive abstract paintings. These works of art are a window into the Vietnamese soul.

Guest of Honor H.E. Mr Tran Hai Hau, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Mrs Patricia Delamotte, Former Curator at the Singapore Art Museum
Mr Chia Teck Keng, Art Collector
Mr Duong Sen, award winning Vietnamese Master Painter