Duong Sen

Duong Sen is a master artist of traditional lacquer painting in Vietnam. He uses traditional natural pigments, and the exceptional richness of colors and textures in his paintings are unmatched. The viewer sees in his paintings a mixture of purity and simplicity, yet sophistication and poetry, especially when he portrays young ladies and flowers. They all reveal a very distinctive personality.

Born in 1949 in Vietnam’s central province of Nghe An. Painting was his childhood dream and he became a self-taught artist. During wartime Sen was a soldier and only after the war he started his studies at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University.

Duong Se’s particular talent and strong identity made him an example and inspiration for young artists in Vietnam. In his lacquer paintings, Duong Sen uses traditional natural pigments and colors and achieves an exceptional richness of colors and textures that are unmatched.

Duong Sen’s paintings have been collected by most of the museums in Vietnam, the Art Museum in Taiwan as well as private collectors in France, USA, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Poland, Hong kong, Taiwan, Canada.

Duong Sen is a Member of the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association, Member of the Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association. Sen received several notable prizes: Honorable prize from Philip Morris (1997-2000), Medal for Vietnam’s Fine Arts Career and Medal for Vietnam’s Literature and Arts Career‚ as well as several other prizes for his exhibitions in Vietnam.