Vietnam: Life and Dreams
“The light across the land, the yells of young children taking buffaloes to the fields,
the warm scent of the lotus pond …
I remember these impressions from my childhood.

Life was hard back then,
but I didn’t realize that at the time;
I only saw it through the eyes of a child
living in an beautiful dream.

In front of Duong Sen, Khanh Toan, Hong Son and Truong Thanh’s art, I’m still that child I used to be. I am in that dream …”

Please join us for next Friday (15th October) opening night of “Vietnam: Life and Dreams” – A group exhibition of Vietnamese artists who will also be present on the evening.
(The exhibition runs until 14th November).

Time: 6:30 PM Friday 15th October 2010
At: 165 Tanjong Pargar,
Amara Hotel Lobby
For more details, please contact Phuong Nguyen Tel: 65 97525458