Lim Khim Katy

Born in Vietnam’s southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City in 1978, Lim Khim Katy is the daughter of a Cambodian father and a Vietnamese mother, both of whom are artists. “My inheritance includes a love of colour, a familiarity with brushes and an attraction to shapes from the time I first became conscious of the sun and the moon.”

She draws her inspirations from life’s experiences and interactions with ordinary people, many of whom have endured hardship and suffering. “My paintings come from the feelings generated from the life around me, from people’s eyes, gestures and the individual emotions they express. I prefer watching the emotions which are expressed on the faces of people who have endured difficulties, because there are so many of them in Vietnam,” she says. “Whenever I experience ‘artist’s block’ I travel and observe people and it’s the best inspiration I could ask for in my work.”

Capturing a person’s eyes is what is most important to Katy. For her, eyes are the gateway to the soul. “When I look into people’s eyes I think I can understand them and relate to their stories.” Katy’s paintings of nostalgic village homes or colourful landscapes express both strong emotion and great tranquility and compliment her often melancholic portraits.

Katy’s remarkable work has been acclaimed throughout numerous solo exhibitions in Vietnam and overseas, she is one of the most recognised young Vietnamese artists today.