Robert Bouchin –Mihagui

Mihagui was born in 1945 in Vinh Phu Province, VietNam and is of Vietnamese origin. He studied fine art the age of 37. Early in his life, he moved to France and traveled in the painting circles of Montmartre, to the detriment of his studies. He realised at a fairly young age that his passion was in painting and his future was in art.

Mihagui was interested in pictorial techniques and pigments and was greatly influenced by the works of Zaou Wou Ki, a French-Chinese painter whom he defined as his”great Master”. At the age of 25, Mihagui decided to focus his energy on a personal style which is somewhere between abstract and post-impressionist.

In 1975, he spent six months working on the restoration of Saint Augustin’s Church dome believing that there was no better inspiration than that born from manual work in such a spiritual place. Mihagui is very reserved and humble and understates information about himself and collectors of his work. In actuality, many French singers and actors hold significant collections of his pieces.

His undeniable ability is reflected in a style that generally uses warm tones and distinctive techniques. Mihagui only produces about 50 paintings a year and is truly grateful to people who appreciate his art. He believes that “to be” is more important than “to have” and is very generous with his time and talent often donating his paintings to charities. He is currently living in Vietnam reliving his memories of the magical and mysterious landscapes of his birth place.