Ngo Van Sac

Very innovative, Ngo Van Sac has a fascination for textures and materials: paper, wood, sand and acrylic, all combine to create very powerful art pieces.
“My art-work is about desires: the tension between real life and fantasy and the intricate relationships between humans. To show this intensity, I like strong renderings of figure, the effect of different surface textures and the strong contrast between black and white.”

Ngo Van Sac’s wood burn portraits represent a pivotal point in his artistic path:
He started painting on wood panels about ten years ago, but when he looked back at the paintings he had created, none of them were up to his standards. So, he burned them all.
In the flames, with natural colors created by the heat, he saw them in a new way discovering in them a new life and a new art form.
By combining fire and natural pinewood, Ngo Van Sac truly found himself.

“I use the fire to paint on wood. It’s my creation, my exploration and my passion. I use fire to burn the wood and I use acrylic to paint on some parts. At last vanish oil covers and protects the whole painting.
All the portraits of the children, ladies and men on my paintings and sculptures come from the memory of my hometown.”

Each of his portraits contains many smaller portraits and images, and together they create a story, a unique identity that brings us deep in thoughts. These portraits are Sac’s personal feelings that he wants to express through the natural colors of the wood and the veins in the wood, which often appear unexpectedly.

Born in 1980 in Hanoi, Ngo Van Sac has gained recognition in Vietnam and internationally for his unique inspiration. He has held solo exhibitions in Canada, Japan, Hungary, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.