Nguyen Khuyen

Born in 1983 in Dong Nai, Vietnam, Nguyen Khuyen solely dedicates herself to the traditional technique of woodcarving and woodcut printing.

The woodcut printing goes back to a Vietnamese ancestral tradition. The artist carefully carves a board of wood to create the negative image of the picture. The board will then be impregnated with ink, a sheet of paper applied on it, and by rubbing on the back of the paper, a print will be realised. The rubbing phase takes a few hours per print and is critical: Depending on the emphasis the artist puts on an area, the color will be lighter or darker, allowing him to create subtle nuances on paper. This board will be kept and used for a maximum of 8 impressions.

Since 2009, her inspiration often turns towards her two children and the happiness of familly life.
“I hold them in my arms, and I realise: Here is the future, here is life. It is magical and I feel happy and full.”

After having dedicated herself to teaching the technique of Vietnamese woodcut printing to the younger generation of artists in Ho Chi Minh city, Nguyen Khuyen was discovered by chance in Ho Chi Minh city by ArtBlue Studio in 2015.
In 2016 she was for the first time exhibited overseas in Singapore, and is planning several other exhibitions in 2017 in Hong Kong and London. Yet, she keeps the very meticulous and tedious care that she has always applied for all of her creations.
“In all my work, I am looking for a certain sense of perfection and fulfilment.”