Pham Duy Quynh

“There are moments when life seems to suspend its course, and everything disappears.
I was walking in a busy street full of cars and motorbikes, and I saw a group of ladies selling food on the sidewalk. On the side, they had left their bicycle with which they had carried their load. I usually pay attention to bicycles in movement. It seemed odd to see them there, abandoned on a side, away from the action.
As I watched them, all noise seem to stop for a second, even the birds seemed to stop singing. I thought what the life of those ladies had. I saw them cycling in the morning before sunrise from their village in the paddy fields to this street corner. It reminded me also of my childhood when I used to cycle in the streets of my village under of tall trees with the sun and the wind in my face. I began to contemplate again what my life was like then.
For an instant of perfect calmness, time and space disappeared and my mind wandered off to what seemed an eternity. Then, the noise came back, the energy and the life of the street woke me and I was looking around me with new eyes and I had a smile on my face.
This perfect bliss was what I tried to capture in my paintings.”

Pham Duy Quynh was born in Thai Binh, Vietnam in 1985. He graduated from the Art Central University in Hanoi in 2007 and from the Vietnam Fine Art University in 2011.
From 2008 to 2012, he participated in several group exhibitions where his very unique way of looking at the life of the Vietnamese people was rewarded. These exhibitions include: The Red River Delta exhibition, The Hanoi Young Artist Festival, The Face to Face exhibition, The Memory of Long Bien Bridge, The Hanoi Young Artist Festival. He received a special award for his participation in the art exhibition held by the Danish Embassy in Hanoi in August 2013. He also participated in a group exhibition in Hong Kong in May 2013 and in Malaysia in September 2013 held by ArtBlue Studio (Singapore).