Tran Minh Tam

Born, 1974 in Binh Thuan, VietNam
Bachelor of art – HCMC Fine Arts University in 2004


2001 : “Cornucopia” Group Exhibition at MoCo Gallery, Vietnam
2002 : Philip Morris Art certificate, Vietnam
2004 : Group Exhibition at Ho Chi Minh city Museum
2006 : Group Exhibition at Alliance Francaise- Singapore
2006 : Galeire Keller in Zurich- Swiss
2006 : “Avatar I” at Son &Then. HCMC, Vietnam
2006 : “Avatar II” HCMC Vietnam
2007 : Solo Exhibition Ateleir Gustave in Paris- France
2008 : Solo Exhibition “ The Untouched Lives of Vietnam” in New York
2008 : Solo Exhibition “ The Untouched Lives of Vietnam II” in Paris

Private collections in France, England, USA, Singapore, Switzerland and Vietnam

In the process of fine art creation, I am constantly in search of the forms which are the best selected way of displaying an ordinary object to expose its simple self-attractiveness. The so-called pure visual language – the forms with just a cursory look, we are immediately overwhelmed by their own beauty. THE FORM is the fruits of my art production in recent years which seem to satisfy my personal search in the time being. They are my sensory experience of the image and the subject. An interaction between physicality and mentality. A synthesis of formalism and implications. They evoke rather than assert. THE FORM was created from the three following concepts:
Here I am not discussing the meaning or the messages behind as they manifest themselves in every painting of mine. Also each person has their own way of exploring, interpreting and thinking about the artwork, which I believe is of the same significance as the work itself. In short, THE FORM conveys a widen vast subject that offers viewers an individual insight into environment, society and humans”