Vu Muoi

“I step back, and I watch myself and the people. Everyone seems like an actor performing a very complex play. Human beings are very complicated, at every single second they present several facets of their personality: Courage, fear, faith, doubt, involvement, indifference, bliss, sorrow, from the highest human qualities to the lowest animal sides. All are radically different, but they are also the same, only different aspects of what we are.
This is what I show in my art, I am exposing myself through the many emotions that sum up to be what I am at a single instant. I think it is a richness. You can criticise or judge me. I think we need the courage to face ourselves as we are.”
Vu Muoi’s whimsical art sets fire to the imagination. It is a treat to the eyes and piques the senses. His art can either make a person smile at the beauty or it can urge one to reflect in search for a deeper sentiment. He depicts fantastical scenes in a precise, studied manner. His execution is well defined making each piece singular. Vu Muoi’s art is a dreamscape with a language of it’s own. And with each ethereal painting we are invited to get lost in it even for a little while.

Vu Moi was born in 1985 in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. He graduated from the Art Central University in Hanoi in 2007 and from the Vietnam Fine Art University in 2012.
From 2007 to 2011 he participated in several exhibitions, including the yearly excellence show at the Vietnam Fine Art University in Hanoi, the Memory of Long Bien Bridge, Face to Face exhibition, the Dogma exhibition at the Ho Chi Minh Fine Art Museum and at the Hanoi Fine Art Museum.
In September 2013 he received an outstanding success for his first overseas exhibition in Malaysia at the group exhibition held by ArtBlue Studio (Singapore).